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TACT programme


The TACT programme is a shareware to analyse texts. It is a very useful programme for the treatment of languages. It has many options and it is very easy to use. Tranlators are particularly interested in its different functions. Before using TACT you must first learn to open and install the programme.

For more information about TACT, go to the following link or guideline.

Once you have installed the programme and in order to create a textual database in TACT format, you must follow this guideline. It is advisable to create a directory where you can copy the text file you want to analyse using TACT. Once you have created it, you can learn how to explore a TDB (Textual DataBase) file with UseBase.

In the following sections you can find an explanation about some specific TACT options with examples:

Click here to see the text used to learn how to use the programme.

Sandra del Molino
Bet de Dios
Edited by Alba Comas i Balada
Translated and adapted by Araceli Alonso Campo

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