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Version 2.4c2

Welcome To Xitami v2.4c2

Welcome to Xitami, the fast web server. You should be accessing these pages through Xitami now. To configure the server, use the web-based admin function. This is password-protected. On UNIX and OS/2 you should edit the password file (xitami.aut or equivalent) after installation. Under Windows this is done at installation time.

For more information

If you use Xitami, please register now! It's free - just send us an e-mail with subject 'register' and your comments, if any.

Why is Xitami Fantastic?

Xitami is free, fast, and simply really good at its job. This is a professional web server that will run out of the box but lets you configure it every possible way. Many of the best ideas in Xitami came from the thousands of people who use it every day for their intranet and internet web sites. It won't crash when you start using it heavily, and it won't slow-down your system.

The Technology Behind Xitami

Xitami is at least as fast as any other web server. It is based on the high-performance SMT multithreading technology developed by iMatix. SMT is Open Source technology, freely available as source code.
Xitami is portable to 16-bit and 32-bit Windows, to OS/2, most Unix systems, and Digital OpenVMS. It uses the SFL portability library developed by iMatix. SFL is Open Source technology, also freely available as source code.

Copyright and Disclaimer

Copyright (c) 1991-1998 iMatix Corporation. This software is distributed under an Open Source license agreement; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Xitami License Agreement as provided in the file LICENSE.TXT. This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty of any kind.


Xitami/Pro combines all the great features of Xitami with secure sockets (SSL/2, SSL/3, TLS) to create one of the fastest, low-cost and most exciting secure web servers around. Xitami/Pro is available on a subscription basis, which gives you access to free updates for a fixed period:

3-month subscription


12-month subscription


24-month subscription


Xitami/Pro is currently in beta testing but you can get your copy ahead of the crowd by sending a cheque or international money order to iMatix Corporation, Pijlstraat 9, 2060 Antwerpen, Belgium. Your subscription starts when Xitami/Pro is officially released - in the meantime you get the benefit of using one of the world's best secure servers.

Please indicate which platform you are using: Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Linux, or OS/2.

Using Xitami

This is a summary of how to use Xitami:

The Common Gateway Interface (CGI)

Xitami supports the standard CGI protocol. This test CGI program returns a page showing the current environment settings.

Clickable Image Maps

Xitami supports clickable image maps following the NCSA standard. Try this test image:

Protected Directories

The webpages/private directory is password protected. To follow this link, enter the username jacky and password robusta.

Server-Side Includes

This page demonstrates some SSI tags. Note that this currently requires Perl to be installed and on the path.

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