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Creating word lists using TACT


To create lists is a very simple task using TACT. Using the option "TACTFreq" from the TACT main menu, three different kinds of lists can be created:

1. List by alphabetical order or direct list (example of list ordered alphabetically), where words appear by alphabetical order.

2. List by reverse alphabetical order or reverse list, where words appear by reverse order (end of word) (example of list by reverse alphabetical order).

3. List by frequency order or frequencial list (example of list by frequency).

4. List of useful words


To create the first three lists, follow these instructions:

Once you have finished, quit TACT and entering "dir" you can see that different files with ".ALP" extensions have been created. If you want to see these files, you can edit them using the MS-DOS editor. Type in edit and the name of the file you want to see.

To create the list of useful words, follow these instructions:

To see a glossary of the unknown words from the example text, click here.
To see a glossary with words that can be used in Computer Science, click here.


Sandra del Molino

Bet de Dios

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Translated and adapted by: Araceli Alonso Campo

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